Referral Rewards

Could you use a little extra cash? If you’re an existing tenant and you’ve enjoyed living with us enough to recommend us to a friend, we want to thank you for the reference. In fact, if you refer a friend to lease with us, we want to cut you a check for $50.00. You help us, we’ll help you.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Tell a friend!
    • Let your friends know how much you love your apartment managed by Tally Property Management.
  2. Have your friend reference your name.
    • Let us know where to send the money! When your friends come in to fill out an application with us, make sure they mention your name. We’ll need to know you sent them before they lease an apartment from us.
  3. We’ll send you $50.00!
    • If your friend completes a lease and moves into one of our properties, we’ll cut you a check or credit your account for $50.00 as soon as they’ve paid their second month’s rent.

It’s that easy!