Management Services

The heart of professional property management is personal contact and communication. Our contact management leasing record keeping systems facilitate open lines of communication.

We offer:

  • Full service professional property management services at competitive prices.
  • In-house repair coordination with an email request system for general repairs, and a 24-hour on call service response for emergency maintenance issues.
  • Maintenance service costs that are well below standard contractor prices and all sub-contractors are experienced, licensed and insured.
  • Volume business discounts to your benefit for materials and services whenever possible, and we do not mark up any materials utilized in maintenance services.
  • In-house accounting and financial reporting systems with monthly and end of year reports of all income and expenses ready for input to your tax consultant.
  • Applicant qualification with minimum income standards, rental history, credit history and background research.
  • Full security deposits equal to at least one month rent and pet deposits, if you allow pets.